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Welcome to English For Life

If you're tired of mindlessly memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules, then this site is for you. This website's purpose is to encourage learning about different subjects using the English language, and to verify how well you have learned. Learning and memorizing vocabulary and grammar is important, but only if you are able to use them as a tool for learning or for another purpose. The resources included here will help you to understand Western culture, improve your ability to have casual conversations with Western friends and even to study in an English language environment, if that is your goal.

This website is focused on students with intermediate to advanced English language skills, but anyone who has the desire to learn and improve their English ability is welcome here. To begin, click on the link "Site Navigation & Usage" on the banner above for instructions on how to use the site, as well as software and other requirements.

Making Use of the Skills You've Earned

The resources being used will focus on a variety of general topics, such as business, science, sports, entertainment, etc, that are the source of everyday casual conversation. They will be taken from sources that are commonly read and do not require specialized language (in other words, the reader will not have to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer to understand the material). The materials will be accompanied by questions and activities to help the reader learn and understand, as well as check that they have understood correctly. Clicking on the resources will take the user to a new browser tab and the authentic site of the resource (so that the copyrights of the resources author aren't violated). Clicking on the questionnaires and activities will open or allow you to download the study materials, which were created by English For Life.

About the Author

My name is John Kenmuir, and I have been teaching English, ESL/EFL and other subjects since 1989. Some of the materials you'll find here are free for use by students trying to improve their English (see the copyright The front cover of my new book, Surviving IELTS Speakingnotice at the bottom of this page) but are not provided for use by any school or public or private organization without the written consent of this website's author. The remaining materials are available for purchase. Any and all unauthorized use of the resources of this website will constitute a violation of international copyright law.

If you are planning to take the IELTS examination and experiencing some fear and nervousness about the Speaking Module, please take a look at my book "Surviving IELTS Speaking" (or click here to see the Kindle ebook edition). This book is the end result of my six years of experience administering the IELTS Speaking exam; it can help you.

If you are experiencing any difficult viewing this webpage, try adjusting your monitor resolution. This website is optimized for monitors at a resolution of at least 1280x600 pixels (1280x768 is best) but, unfortunately, it isn't optimed for tablets or smart phones. If you have any requests or suggestions about the content or things you would like to see on this website, you may send an email to teacher@englishforlife.ca.

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