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First of all, this website is divided into 5 sections: "the big EZines" (new & older news stories); "Literature"; "Find a Penpal"; "Miscellaneous Items"; and "About the Author".

The "big EZines" and "archived stories" are short news and magazine stories taken from the Internet. These articles will cover a variety of general topics, such as business, science, health, lifestyle, sports, entertainment, travel and so on. Articles that are a week or more older will be moved to the "archived stories" section as they are replaced by newer news articles.

The "Literature" section will include longer reading materials that belong to the public domain (generally, it will focus on classic Western literature). It will include audio files so that the user may read and listen to the novel as the same time, helping them to listen to and copy proper pronunciation. It will also include materials to help the user to understand and discuss the materials they are reading and/or listening to. As these reading and listening materials are taken from different public domain websites, there may occasionally be some slight differences between the written and audio materials. This is unfortunate but unavoidable, due to copyright laws; however, any differences the user encounters should not have any significant affect on the meaning or ideas being discussed.

The "Find a Penpal" section will take the user to a variety of websites where they will be able to find and communicate with other people from around the world. These penpals may or may not be native English speakers, but the most important aspect of this exercise is to practice communicating your ideas, and hopefully to learn about other cultures different from your own.

The "Miscellaneous Items" section will include resources that don't fit under any other category. For example, clicking on the online crossword puzzle will take you to a site that offers new crosswords every day. Doing these will help you to learn new vocabulary and their definitions, as well as to practice your spelling.

And finally, "About the Author" will introduce you to me and provde some information about me, my interests and hobbies. As a devout Canadian, I am always looking for excuses to promote my country. Here you will find some information about colleges and universities in Canada, famous Canadians and anything else about Canada that might be of interest.

Website requirements:

All learning and study materials on this site have been formatted as *.pdf files. You should be able to open them using any freeware *.pdf creator software, but I recommend using the authentic Adobe Reader software, which you can download here. When the new tab or window opens, choose your operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux), choose the version and language (English), download the program to your computer and finally install it.

Audio files can be listened to using the software that came with your computer (Windows, Linux and Apple all include audion listening/recording software that will handle *.mp3 files). You can also use Winamp, a smaller and very reliable audio software program, which is one of my favourites. It can be downloaded and installed from one of these websites:

Winamp for Mac computers

Winamp for Linux computers (scroll down to bottom)

Winamp for Windows computers

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