This is a collection of stray resources that don't really fit in anywhere else, but that's no reason they shouldn't be put to some kind of use.

This site used to be; unlike wiki sites, the articles here were written and posted by professional writers-researchers. It was a good website for looking up specific topics, but the layout was often haphazard and confusing. This new website, DotDash, looks much better at first glance, but I haven't had time to review the contents. I will check it out and make further comments later. daily online crossword puzzles
A new crossword puzzle is posted here every day and you can use to look up words.

I'm My Own Grandpa (video)
This is a short virtual music video I received from someone by email. If anyone knows of or is able to find the original source, I would love to post a link to that site so everyone can see more of this person's work. Click on the title to view or download the video, and click on "Lyrics" to view the lyrics and worksheet. I will post the answers to the worksheet riddle in a few days time (if you're reading this after the answers have been posted, try to avoid the urge to sneak a peak; doing the exercise first is always the best way.
Lyrics Worksheet Answers

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