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Online Wild West Spurring Cord Cutters  Yahoo! news story, May 15, 2017   Question Sheet   Answer Sheet

China Scrambles to Tame Bike Chaos  Yahoo! news story, May 22, 2017    Question Sheet   Answer Sheet

Replacing the Job Interview  Yahoo! news story, May 10, 2013  Question Sheet  Answer Sheet/a>

Meteor Shower of Haileys Comet Pieces  Yahoo! news story, May 4, 2013  Question Sheet  Answer Sheet

Cheap American flights threaten Canadian airport business  Yahoo! news story, May 3, 2013  Question Sheet  Answer Sheet

Astrology.com Daily Catscopes  Yahoo! news story, April 18, 2013  Question Sheet  Answer Sheet

12 Million Americans Believe Lizard People Run Our Country  Yahoo! news story, April 2, 2013  Question Sheet  Answer Sheet

In US, students buy to excel at school  Yahoo! news story, September 11, 2009  Question Sheet  Answer Sheet

Giant statues reveal red hat secrets  Yahoo! news story, September 7, 2009  Question Sheet  Answer Sheet

Samurai Mind Training  Yahoo! news story, September 6, 2009  Question Sheet  Answer Sheet

Anime Explosion: It's... Profitmon!  Yahoo! news story, December 12, 2005   Question Sheet   Answer Sheet

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