This page consists of a short selection of quality international stories, from news wire services, Internet portals, ezines (magazines located on the Internet) and so forth, as well as worksheets students can use to help them work through the articles and gain a better understanding of the article and the ideas being discussed. One of the best ways to improve your English is by reading, especially by reading materials that are of personal interest or useful to you in some other way.

**author's note: the articles here have all been formatted into *.pdf files, because some webpages are cluttered and difficult to read, even for native speakers. As a result, I have copied the text of the articles and stories, and included only some graphics, to simplify the reading. The original sources of each piece are located in a footer at the bottom of each printed page, in order to satisfy international copyright law.

Be certain to check out the Ezines Archive section for more stories that have become older or have been on the site for awhile. What better a way to fine tune your English skills than by putting them to use in a real world setting!

Online Wild West Spurring Cord Cutters Yahoo! news story, May 15, 2017   Question Sheet   Answer Sheet

China Scrambles to Tame Bike Chaos Yahoo! news story, May 22, 2017    Question Sheet   Answer Sheet

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